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Crown Reduction
Crown reduction pruning is most often used when a tree has grown too large for its permitted space. This method, sometimes called drop crotch pruning, is preferred to topping because it results in a more natural appearance, increases the time before pruning is needed again and minimizes stress.
Crown Thin
Crown thinning is the removal of the smaller branches within crown of the tree to reduce density of the crown. Crown thinning includes crown cleaning and does not alter the overall size or shape of the tree. Common reasons for crown thinning are to allow more light to pass through the tree, reduce wind resistance or to lessen the weight of heavy branches and improve form.
Crown Thinning 
Crown Lift
The removal of lower branches to prevent obstruction and admit more light.  Represented as a height in metres above the ground, i.e. 4m lift. Crown Lift
Pollarding is a method of pruning that keeps trees and shrubs smaller than they would naturally grow. It is normally started once a tree or shrub reaches a certain height, and annual pollarding will restrict the plant to that height. Preventing trees and shrubs outgrowing their allotted space. Pollarding can reduce the shade cast by a tree. May be necessary on street trees to prevent electric wires and streetlights being obstructed.

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